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Resep Roti Manis

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Resep Roti Manis
kiriman: Bunda Ryanti F, Jombang

Bahan resep:
Tepung terigu tinggi protein / hard wheat / cap cakra 2 kg.
Gula pasir 450 gram.
Ragi instan 40 gram.
Mentega / margarin 320 gram.
Bread Improver 10 gram.
Susu tawar cair 500 ml.
Air es 400 ml.
Telur 175 gram.
Garam halus 25 gram.

Olesan resep, aduk rata:
Kuning telur 3 butir.
Margarin 2 sendok makan, lelehkan.

Isi resep:
Keju mozzarella 250 gram, potong-potong.

Keju mozzarella, potong dadu kecil.

Cara membuat resep ini:
1. Campur resep tepung terigu, gula pasir, ragi instan, bread improver, telur dan garam di dalam mangkuk mixer roti / mangkuk adonan. Jalankan mixer kecepatan 1 selama 2 menit. Masukkan air, susu tawar cair dan margarin / mentega. Tambahkan kecepatan mixer pada kecepatan 2, aduk kembali selama 12 menit atau hingga resep adonan kalis.

2. Bulatkan resep adonan, diamkan selama 25 menit. Kempeskan resep adonan, bagi masing-masing adonan menjadi potongan seberat 50 gram. Bulatkan dan diamkan selama 15 menit.

3. Giling resep adonan dan bentuk bulat pipih, isi dengan potongan keju mozzarella. Bulatkan kembali. Letakkan resep adonan yang sudah dibentuk di atas cetakkan muffin besar atau di atas loyang beroles margarin. Olesi dengan bahan olesan. Taburi atasnya dengan potongan keju mozzarella.

4. Fermentasikan resep adonan yang sudah dibentuk selama 45 menit atau 60 menit.

5. Panggang resep adonan di dalam oven bertemperatur 200 derajat selama 10 -15 menit atau hingga roti matang dan berwarna kuning kecokelatan. Angkat, dinginkan.

6. Kemas roti di dalam kantung plastik, kotak plastik / kotak karton. Roti siapkan dipasarkan.

[ Resep adonan roti tawar ini cukup untuk 70 buah.]

Jika tidak tersedia mixer roti, resep adonan bisa diaduk dengan tangan dengan cara diulini (bukan diremas-remas) dan di banting-banting hingga resep adonan kalis.***

source: Tabloid Lezat


The New Cuisine

Today, African food is the most diverse cuisine on the planet, a true "melting pot" of foods and flavors. Africa's history is rich and so is its cuisine. With influences from so many other countries, Dutch, English, Asian, and Indian, Africa's new cuisine is the newest global food trend.

The Mediterranean has a place in African foods with its influence of olive oil, olives, and pasta. Rich African stews are infused with elements from both the East and the West. Using little meat, but an abundance of vegetables, African stews have become a gourmet trend.

Southern African cuisine is reminiscent of the East with its sosaties, which are like kebabs, bobotie, which is a curried minced dish, and bredies, which is a type of casserole dish.

It's all about spice

Africa is all about spice: hot and spicy seasonings characterize the African cuisine. Close your eyes and you'll be able to recognize the Ethiopian seasoning mix, Berbere, which is a combination of chilies, chives, tarragon, coriander, cardamom, fenugreek, and garlic.

The unique flavors of the African new cuisine are dependent on the abundant use of various specific aromatic plants and other spices. Fenugreek, for example, is used a lot and has a bittersweet flavor. Cassava is a starch root and is used to thicken stews. Bambara are African peanuts and are used in various dishes. Similar to cardamom, grains of paradise are strong pepper-flavored seeds and used to flavor stews. Other seeds that are used for flavor include the Egusi seeds. African spices are often mixed. Some spice mixes, such as the Ras Al-Hanout includes over 25 different ingredients, such as rose petals, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and grains of paradise. ***

by Dylan Miles
About the author: Dylan Miles, journalist, and website builder, lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of on which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

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