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Article: Tips to Make Soft, and Delicious Doughnuts

Tips to Make Soft, and Delicious Doughnuts posts: Mrs Husna, Malang

You and your family like to enjoy donuts? Instead of always buying, it's worth it to try it for yourself. If you already like this certainly makes you want to get the tips of tender and delicious donuts, right?
Doughnuts or donuts in a discussion called in English, one cake whose name is quite popular and could be as a favorite the world community. Appearance since the first time, the donut has a very distinctive appearance shape with a hole in the middle like a like a ring. But there is also an occasional round if filled with recipes inside.
Doughnuts have a long history, American archaeologists found some relics that illustrate the types of food shaped like a donut in the prehistoric era. However alleged that the donut comes from the Dutch state, precisely from the Manhatten area, and there donut called "olykoeks" or fried cakes.
Until now, the emergence of the donut is still a favorite cake recipe servings practical to eat. Even in America itself, perhaps there are currently over 10 million donuts are produced each year. Not to be outdone, in Indonesia recipe cake donut recipe, adapted from the Western culinary This popularity can be equated with the recipe of Indonesian traditional cakes such as recipes snacks. The evidence for a donut is not difficult, both in traditional and modern in a variety of bakery shops.
In the midst of modern society, not always present the appearance of a round donut with a hole in the middle, even more unique and varied forms, so that more and more tempting to eat. You're curious to make the donuts themselves with flavors of delicious, fragrant and truly feels tender when bitten? Come see the following quick tips:
Discover the recipe Ingredients: 1. Flour The main recipe ingredients to make donuts recipe is wheat flour with protein content was. When pengulenan, will change majadi gluten proteins, which then gives a framework / fine texture. Sometimes, a recipe of flour used in making donuts recipe mixed with low protein flour to obtain a softer terkstur.
2. Sugar Pick the sugar dissolves easily in water. Refined sugar can be also used. Sugar not only as a recipe ingredient to sweeten, but also determines the storability of tenderness and maintain donuts. Even if you wish to make the donuts salty, do not leave sugar. Why? Sugar also serves to activate the yeast.
3. Egg There was no denying the use of egg recipes make recipe more delicious donuts. Many people prefer to use the egg yolks than whites. With the aim to soften and provide a more attractive yellow color.
4. Developers Yeast is a recipe developer of the most popular material. The most widely used today are instant yeast, because it is far easier to use it is simply mixed with the dough. Furthermore, the addition of baking powder recipes and recipe improver (bread improver) as the developer also influence tenderness and donuts.
5. Liquid Some like to use water. Some have also preferred to use a prescription liquid milk into the batter. Use milk to make a cake donut recipe softer than water, other than that it was much better.
6. Salt Although its use was just the tip of tea spoon, adding the salt in the dough large enough function is to control the development of the dough. To remember, salt inhibits the yeast so that the work should never be close. So the addition of salt, preferably after the dough evenly, would be much better.
7. Fat Margarine and butter is the fat used in making prescription seirng donuts. The presence of fat in a donut dough recipe will make a rich flavor in addition to also make the donuts so soft.
8. Cooking Oil Choose the cooking oil clear yellow color. Better use of solid cooking oil, because the result is more cryspy.
9. Topping If enough dtabur first donut with powdered sugar, donuts now began to beautify themselves. Recipe ingredients that could be used as a prescription misis sprinkles, almonds recipes, chocolate recipes, recipe chopped nuts, until a variety of recipes perment trimit shaped funny and interesting.
Identify Tools Used:
1. Measure Tool Maybe you can be amazed by the skills of old parents who are able to make donuts without sufficient dose to the science of predictions. Oops lho carefully, without taking the risk is very important measuring tool usage. To produce standard and delicious donuts, which must measure at least you have the scales and measuring spoons.
2. Dough mixer Creating donut dough recipes can be mixed directly with the hands and diuli condition must be consistent pengulenan strength. Along the development of times, now you can use a machine called a mixer. For the dough recipe that amount is too much, could use a mixer household scale by replacing the rotors with spiral shapes.
3. Kom Dough / Containers No special requirements are recommended and most importantly must be cleaned.
4. Rolling Pin Grinder is useful for thinning the batter to be formed and also menggeluarkan inflate the air as the dough recipe.
5. Matter Doughnuts If you usually only round donut shaped with a hole in the center, now a donut display quite varied. More and more culinary experts berivovasi by printing donut box shape, triangle, oval to wavy. Wow, donuts look now increasingly varied and tempting!
6. Pan In order for maximum results, select non-stick pans are coated so it does not easily burn.
Making Techniques
1. Mixing Start from the sifting flour with the aim that the results are not grainy, then mix all dry ingredients recipe and stir well. Add liquid gradually, stirring until blended. Once well blended recipe, the fat can be incorporated, stirring constantly until smooth and blended.
2. Pengulenan In this technique could use a hand or mixer. When using hand movements quite easily. Do it like washing clothes, pull the dough is pressed forward with a little and fold again in your direction. And so on and laukukan-lulang repeated until the dough smooth. Using the mixer, consider the batter should not be too hot due to friction propeller mixer. If this happens, you should stop and proceed with recipe dough by hand until completely smooth. To test the dough is smooth, take a little dough, then pull wide. If dough is torn, repeat the process until the dough no longer pengulenan easily torn.
3. Fermentation Once the batter is smooth then rested called fermented to develop the dough recipe. During the fermentation process approximately 15 to 30 minutes, adonana should be covered with plastic or wet towels. The aim is to prevent evaporation and the results are not dry.
4. The dough deflates Well, this ditahap use of pin rollling very useful tool. Adonaa removed from the container, then pipihkan until as thick as expected.
5. Print Once flattened, print donut dough according to taste. Yagn tool can be used to mnencetak stailess made from steel. Create a donut shape and pretty interesting. Remember, the form that will make the donuts look pretty tempting. Once printed, fermentasikan back for about 10 minutes to inflate.
6. Fry Donut should always be fried in oil and soaked with a lot of specific heat to keep the yellow color is evenly browned and cooked. In order for a donut is not too much to absorb oil, it is better to use solid gorang oil. This oil is rapidly frozen in room temperature.
7. Cake donuts are ready to be more beautiful decorated In this article presents a longer trend donut recipe plus step by step. Surely donut fragrant aroma, soft texture and appearance when digigigt an interesting shape, there would always be looking for donut fans, surely!. ***
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