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Method of Making Bread Dough

Processing and Modifying Tips Bread Dough (part.2)

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Method of Making Bread Dough

Many methods of making sweet breads, small bread, bread dough burger like a sponge method (indirect method). A method commonly used is the straight dough or direct method. This method is made by mixing all ingredients and stir recipe until formed a smooth dough and smooth. This method is most commonly used because the maximum dough, fermentation time of his recipe ingredients only complains 1.5 - 3 hours.

Important making dough stage

Results will be maximal if the following bread-making stage is good and right according to instructions. Here are the basic stages of manufacture of bread;

1. Weighing

After all the ingredients of good quality selected ingredients of bread and then weighed. Weighing and measuring should use a standard measuring tool. Solids were weighed with a digital or analog scales.
Search object using the measuring cup, while the giver of aroma materials are usually measured with measuring spoons. Hamper the accuracy of the scales is the result of the bread. Make sure the scales function well and weighing process is done properly so that the maximum of bread.

2. Stirring / Mixing / Mixing

Recipe ingredients mixing process is a very important step in making bread. The first process is mixing the dough recipe to one (pick up), so that the dough does not stick and then stirred again in the mixer and dough bowl, stirring continued until the surface smooth and elastic dough recipe, continue stirring for a while longer until all the dough recipe slippery surfaces look dull and dry.
After this stage, the stirring should be stopped, otherwise the dough will be wet, sticky and juicy. If this happens then the stage will be to overmix and cake batter will result in a sodden, flabby and pri-pore is not good.

Mixing function is to create a homogenous dough, shape and soften the gluten to allow the dough to hold the gas when the development process / fermentation.

3. Fermentation

After all smooth dough recipe, the dough is rounded and aged throw for fermentation and development. ideal temperature for fermentation of bread is the range of 34-35 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are too cold will cause fermenasi process is slow, while the temperature is too hot will cause the fermentation going too fast and the resulting texture of the bread becomes coarse.

The time required for fermentation is 30 minutes, but the fermentation will be longer if the temperature is cold. In these conditions, the fermentation can be reached within one hour. Benchmark is immediately terminated when the fermentation process has been expanded dough recipe doubled from the original dough recipe large or when the dough is pressed with a finger, the dough is permanent scars, did not return to original form.

Fermentation is too long will cause the dough over, sir, a condition in which the dough becomes soft and watery. Fermentation is too short will cause hard bread, coarse pores and the bread was not soft.

4. Pengempesan Dough

After the dough is fermented, then the dough recipe soft way to punch with your hands or milled with the mill until all the gas wasted. The purpose of this throwing gass pause go round the fermentation process because the dough will be cut and weighed. Do not knead dough already fermented because the pores are already formed would be damaged and fibers are formed to be missing. Dikempeskan enough alone.

5. Cut and Weigh

Dough that has been softed also cut to shape as needed prescriptions and weighed. The goal is that a uniform amount of bread produced with the same weight and volume.

6. Rounding Dough

The dough is already soft then rounded again by hand. The goal is to form a coating film to withstand the gas during the fermentation process in two. The benefit is more easily formed and the dough more elastic.

7. Formation

After the fermented-2, a recipe for the dough and then rolled out and shaped to meet the gas as neededrecipe. At this stage often done adding content in the dough recipe.

8. Fermentation

This stage is often referred to as placement in a mold dough or panning. after the dough is placed in the pan or mold beroles margarine. Fermentasikan batter or dough recipe let stand for 15 minutes or until the dough expands the maximum. Sometimes after being prescribed a maximum of dough expands, the surface smeared with egg yolk or fresh milk and sugar solution so that the skin color is more shiny and nice.

9. Bake or Combustion

Baking dough bread recipes require different temperatures to each type. bread for the small size required a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes. For larger sizes, such as white bread needed temperature 220 degrees Centigrade for 20-25 minutes.

Baking bread is cooked through and golden brown skin. Bread that uses sugar as a sweet bread baking takes shorter because of high sugar dough more quickly lead to brown. Always heat the oven for 50-10 minutes before the bread dough baked until the desired temperature is reached .***

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